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Featuring the Madi style face with drawing template. Current students receive an automatic 10% discount.

Stardust - A mini painting workshop

Learn step by step in real time how to create this many layered and highly textured mixed media painting.

Mini Workshop: Gladiolus Girl

Inspired by a sketch from my sketchbook and the beautiful gladiolus flowers that used to be farmed here in my hometown.

Mini Workshop: Flower Power

Inspired by my love of floral art and my favorite stencils.

Mini: Look Within

Create this vibrant surreal landscape and blackbird painting

Mini: Look Within

Learn to create this stunning painting

Flower Power

A mini workshop

Painted Faces™ 3

Learn to draw and paint the Madi style


Paint this fun mixed-media painting with my personal techniques for mixed-media effects


Watercolor, mixed-media, faces + more