Painted Faces 3

Featuring the Madi style face with drawing template.

Mini: Soft Watercolor Shading For Faces

Learn how to create easy and beautiful skin when painting with watercolors. Bonus you get my skin tone formula which you can alter for any skin tone and ethnicity.

Mini Workshop: Gladiolus Girl

Inspired by a sketch from my sketchbook and the beautiful gladiolus flowers that used to be farmed here in my hometown.

Mini Workshop: Flower Power

Inspired by my love of floral art and my favorite stencils.

Mini: Look Within

Create this vibrant surreal landscape and blackbird painting

I am an artist and teacher living on the Gulfcoast of South Florida.

My passions include painting, teaching, gardening, spending time with my amazing family and spreading the vegan message of love health and abundance. I teach visual journal classes online to students from all over the world and have art collectors from many different countries. I am living my dreams and I encourage you to come along with me and live your dreams too.

Mini: Free Class

Learn to create super smooth transitions in your face shading with watercolor + my skin tone formula

Mini: Free Class

Learn to create this stunning painting

Mini: Free Class

Paint this fun mixed-media painting with my personal techniques for mixed-media effects

Painted Faces™ 3

Learn to draw and paint the Madi style


Watercolor, mixed-media, faces + more