Painted Faces II

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This class is highly focused on two things: Blending acrylics with glazing medium and creating heavily textured mixed media art.

This course consists of 12 full portrait paintings in a single handmade art journal.

You can make the art journal or use any other type of journal you wish.

You get a template of each of the 12 faces hand drawn by me. You can use these templates by printing them out and pasting them into your journal or trace them or even draw your own faces and use these as inspiration.

Painted Faces I covered blending acrylic paints with water and in a highly colorful and unusual style.

Painted Faces II covers blending acrylic paints with acrylic glazing liquid and using highly mixed media techniques for a more finished painting.

In this class we work through an entire journal filled with faces. Adding new techniques and new materials as we go.

I do try to provide alternate product suggestions where I can but many of these portrait pages are going to use very specific supplies.