Become A Sprite

Since posting my Conversations with Christy videos is sort of like me giving my two cents I thought that would be a perfect price for becoming a member of this little tribe of artists. The Sprite's is a name that was originally given to us by one of my artist friends. I thought it was sweet and left plenty of room for interpretation depending on what we each are looking for.

Here I will be posting all of the 'stuff' that I normally post on my YouTube channel. Everything from product reviews, Conversations with Christy, free teaching videos and even 'face to face' vlogs on rare occasions.

If you want to be a part of continuing this wonderful community then please click the 'paypal checkout' button below. It only costs .02 cents US and is a lifetime purchase. I won't ask you for more money later. In fact I am only asking for two pennies now because it tells me you are committed to this adventure too!

Looking for the Purchase or Buy Now button? In order to purchase a class you must first register for membership. Already a member? Log in here first. Thank you!

Once you have completed the purchase process just come back to the site and click on 'Blog' up in the navigation above. Or click this link here. If you are a Sprite member you will see content created just for you. That content can only be viewed by other Sprite members. You will also see content that is posted publicly for students and just general stuff. But all of the Sprite content is exclusive to those who are a member.

Just a quick note for those who may be wondering... No you do not have to pay for other classes to take advantage of the Sprite membership. You just have to give your two cents 🙂 this one time and enjoy the same level of great video content that you normally get from me on YouTube.

Thanks for your interest and have a fantastic day!
~ Christy