Floral Painting Bundles

I have a handful of floral painting videos that are no longer available to purchase since the classes are no longer running.

As I am about to begin June's Obsessions class based on 'fun and funky florals' I realized that I should probably make these other floral based paintings available to you. These are all acrylic based. Some are collage as well.

These are all from different classes so keep that in mind as you watch the videos.

As always I am available for critique or questions as you work along. You can just leave a comment in the comment section below the lesson and I will reply back to you.

I have more bundles for florals coming but these 5 were just waiting and ready. I'm keeping the cost low because it is summer after all! Class cost for all 5 lessons is just $40.00.

Bundle #1

You will learn to paint these super cute faces:


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Once you have completed the purchase process just come back to the site and click on 'Floral Bundle' under 'My Classes' up in the navigation above. Or click this link here.

Thanks for your interest and have a fantastic day!
~ Christy