How To Use This Site

Below is a list of FAQs about using this website and other important information.

Original 30 Days with Gulfsprite. If you are a student of the original 30 Days class that is now retired you will only see a PDF download link and links to download your video files. Individual lessons are no longer posted. All of the contents are in your PDF file.

Using an iPad. If you are using an iPad please click directly on the 'Your Classes' navigation item to be taken to your main classroom page. Scroll down past the welcome message to view a list of your classrooms.

You can book mark that page to return easily from your iPads.

I can't find my class. Once you have purchased a class you are immediately granted access by the software that runs this site. I generally do not manually send you invitations or setup your access. YaY Me! However this can lead to some confusion if you are used to that way of doing things.

As soon as you pay for a class Paypal should redirect you to the website. Once there look under the dropdown menu in the top navigation or just click on 'Your classes'. You will then see a list [you might have to scroll down] of all of your purchased classes along with your free classes.

I still don't see my class. Is it possible that you paid for a Club Membership instead of a class? Try looking under Clubs in the top navigation.

My class isn't under Classes or Clubs.
In the event you have purchased a class from me that is not listed under either the Classes or the Clubs sections please feel free to contact me via email or use this contact form.

How to change my password or get a new password? The user name of your account can’t be changed or you lose all of your information. You can change the password and the email address. But the email address should be the same one you use for paypal or the system will be confused as to what you have paid for. In order to reset the password go to this link and at the very bottom you will see a link for “Lost your password?”. Click that and it should allow you to reset it. Once you are logged in with the temporary password on the website click the Home link and then scroll down. On the right you should see “Welcome Jenni” and a logout link and a “Modify your profile” link. Click the modify link and you can make any additional changes to your account profile there.