Impetuous Passions ™ 2017

Purchase December Is The Last Month Of Impetuous Passions™ - Class Begins December 4th 2017

Level 01 - One Monthly Lesson

Pay As I Go Just This Once [Dec] Week 1 Only Total $10.00

Level 02 - Two Monthly Lessons

Pay As I Go Just This Once [Dec] Weeks 1 & 2 Only Total $20.00

Level 03 - All Four Weeks

Pay As I Go Just This Once [Dec] Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Total $35.00

What is the overall topic each month?

I will release the overall topic for each month a day or two before the month starts. I find releasing that information too early leads to too much speculation and can cause me to lose focus as I am putting the content together in the month prior. So I like to keep my options open in case I find myself wanting to make a change halfway through recording the class. If I ever find the time to record two months in advance then I might release the topic earlier, but for the time being it keeps me from causing too much confusion by releasing it too early.

Where is the topic listed?

Just above the purchase options there is an area where I will post the monthly topic. As the year goes on I will also post a purchase link where you can purchase just that month after it is over. Scroll down to find both the topic for February and the purchase options.

What is My Impetuous Passions?

Passions is an ongoing class that changes monthly based on current trends and my latest impetuous passions in art journals. This class teaches everything from how to draw and paint whimsical faces to color mixing, design principles and product reviews. Each week you receive a minimum of five posts including a full lesson to create an art journal spread, a mini lesson and more.

Can I purchase just a single month?

Yes, you can purchase a month as an "a la carte" purchase where you just buy that single month. Or you can sign up at anytime and pay monthly automatically as you go. You can cancel at anytime. And because sometimes you just want to pay up front for the whole year you can do that too. All of the payment options are below.

Do I have to buy a whole bunch of supplies?

No, I try to use common artist supplies such as watercolor paper and paints, a few stencils and lots of scrap paper. I do introduce you to new products and fun ways to use them but this isn't a "buy all the things" sort of class and you won't go into debt trying to enjoy the lessons.

Are the videos downloadable

No, but you are given a permanent link that you can revisit that will always work. This way you don't have to have loads of space on your hard drive to store high definition videos. Just keep your links in a list or bookmark the full playlist at the end of each month. And the classroom here will always be available to you as well.

Can I see a sample of what a week of Passions would be like?

Yes, below I have included a random week of Passions posts for you. Just click the titles or the "read more" links to view each post. If you are not already a member here you will need to register first. Registration is free. If you are already a member and do not see the purchase options then double check that you are signed in first.

How do I purchase the class?

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full list of options with purchase buttons. If you are not already a member here you will need to register first. Registration is free. If you are already a member and do not see the purchase options then double check that you are signed in first.

How Do I Find My Classes?

Once you have purchased an Passions access you will find the "Passions 2017" in the navigation at the top of the site under "My Classes".

Can I Buy Previous Months?

Yes, a list of previous months with purchase buttons are at the end of this page.

A Sample Week Of Passions

Obsessions Day 1 Start Out Messy

Photo Inspiration Each month there will be a variety of posts that are designed to inspire you and often to reinforce the lesson for that month [or multiple lessons, depending on your chosen level]. This post is what I call a “photo post”. I chose this as a type of post where I can show Read More

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Obsessions Day 2 Drawing With Character

Drawing Inspiration I love to add quirky little things to my drawings to make them special and that somehow makes them feel even more “like me”. And I think we all want a bit of ourselves there in our art. Drawing posts will be to offer you a little bit of inspiration and to help Read More

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Obsessions Day 3 Product Review

Product Review On occasion I receive different types of papers and other supplies as gifts from my friends and family. Often I find it useful to give my opinion of these items in an honest and professional way. So along with tips and tricks, photo inspiration and drawing inspiration I will also occasionally provide quick Read More

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Obsessions Day 4 Viewfinders

Studio Hack I often find I need a special something and instead of running to purchase it I see if I can just make one. I also like the idea of being a bit of a “tinker” and making my own little tools. I also like to repurpose art into new art. Especially when it Read More

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Obsessions Day 5 Full Lesson

Full Lesson Full lesson posts are the heart of Obsessions. The are real time instructional videos where we create a completed project. Generally that project is a painting or art journal page. But there are times, like this one, where I want to create something art related that I can either use in my journal Read More

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Nov's topic is: Make A Scene

We paint a lot of faces, a lot of flowers. But for many of us we need to know how to take our faces or flowers and put them into an actual scene for a more complete composition/ painting / art journal page. In November we will learn some illustrative style ways to set more of a scene for our pages.

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