Paint In The Dark

Paint in the dark is a narrated art journal class. The lessons are in the style of the much loved 30 Pages class with a variety of mixed-media concepts and materials.

The narration and stories allow for a richer experience where every page has an element of fantasy and deeper meaning.

The stories and art journal art cover a variety of subjects and topics ranging from the arcane to childhood fairytales and just about everything in between.

Paint in the dark is like listening to a great audio book and creating art about the stories as you go.

You will learn new techniques and creative ways to approach each art journal page.

15 Lessons: This workshop will have 15 full lessons, real time instruction and when complete you will have created 15 unique art journal pages.

There is a unique story for each lesson. Loads of interesting stories, lore and inspiration.
Each lesson is approximately 1 - 2 hours of video content. So that is approximately 25 hours worth of video to entertain you and inspire you.

Your instructors for this class are Christy Sobolewski and Laura Lidstone.

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