Painted Faces 3

Painted Faces 3

Painted Faces 3: Madi Style

Painted Faces 3 is all about the sweet face template I created when my Granddaughter Madison [Madi] was around 2 years old.


As a new Grandmother I spent a lot of time babysitting and just looking at that sweet little face. It didn't take long before I was drawing a face that was similar to hers. I was in love [still am] and her little face was the most amazing thing for me to spend my time drawing.


Over the last six months or so I have been asked often to teach this particular face style. Even though I have a variety of face templates I like to draw from this one is my current favorite. And the best part is it is pretty easy to learn how to make if you have the template and a little bit of practice time.

This class provides you with both.

Class will launch April 1st and run for 8 weeks. You will receive 3 weekly posts. Two posts each week are art instruction and the third is an art journal page for practice [+ inspiration] that features the Madi style drawing along with the medium we are using at that point.

We will also learn to create the Madi style face in three quarter profile and full profile. Along with a realistic version and several variations of different painting genres [abstraction, surrealism, pop art].

Syllabus [download here]

Week 1
Introduction + drawing template
Eyes, nose, lips
Art journal inspiration

Week 2
Drawing + Painting from our template
Art journal inspiration

Week 3
Drawing hair + inspiration
Art journal inspiration

Week 4
Drawing 3 qtr profile semi-realistic
Art journal inspiration

Week 5
Drawing full profile
Different head positions
Art journal inspiration

Week 6
Drawing surrealistic face
Painting surrealism
Art journal inspiration

Week 7
Drawing abstract face
Painting abstract
Art journal inspiration

Week 8
Drawing inspiration
Painting watercolor + ink
Art journal inspiration


I wanted to keep this class simple where supplies are concerned so that you can concentrate more on your drawings and painting. View the supplies list here.

I do not offer video downloads but you do have unlimited access to the classroom.

If you have any questions just let me know at

Painted Faces 3

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